Corporate Profile

The Muslim Financial Planning Association (MFPA) is not-for-profit organization. It was registered as as society in Singapore on 24th March 2009 and was formally launchd  by Professor Yaacob Ibrahim on the 15th of July 2009 in conjunction with its 1st conference on Wills, Inheritance And Estate Planning – The Muslim Perspective.


To provide, Muslims in Singapore with the knowledge and tools required to effectively plan the distribution of their property after death in accordance with the Syariah principles.


T o seek such clarity through research and dialogue and to share the information with various professionals who advise the Muslim public.


  • To promote awareness for financial planning for Muslims through forums and courses.
  • To carry out research into areas of Islamic principles in relation to financial planning.
  • To liaise with the government and other regulatory authorities to implement changes in rules, regulations and practices towards effective implementation of financial planning for Muslims.
  • To conduct training and other educational programs for the advancement of knowledge on Shariah matters;